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Welcome to my new blog – They Stay at Home

They used to say ‘She Gets Around‘, well not anymore! Well, certainly less than she used to… Welcome to my new blog ‘They Stay at Home’.

I bought this domain name almost a year ago, with the intention of it being a home renovation blog when we bought our new home. Then ‘the virus’ hit and the whole world is suddenly staying at home, so I thought well… no time like the present, right?

This new blog won’t just be home renovation, it will be about working from home, running your own business, book reviews and ALL THE FUN things to do at home.

I’m so excited to be writing blogs again. I’ve been writing my travel blog She Gets Around for almost 9 years, but recently have found it hard to find the motivation to write about travel, when more of my life is spent at home and working on my business, alongside renovating, reading and enjoying the little things.

There’s still a few hiccups to fix on the blog, but bear with me while I get it sorted. It will be ever changing 🙂

I hope this blog offers some light relief, some helpful tips and lots of fun to keep us entertained at home, both during the coronavirus and well beyond.

Find out a bit more about me and the other half of ‘they’ who or may or may not feature much on this blog 🙂

Welcome to our new blog - They Stay at Home

Would you like to guest post?

I don’t want this blog to be just about me, so if you’ve got stay at home tips to share, books you want to rave about or your own home renovation before and after to share then get in touch. I’m on the look out for other bloggers to share their own advice and fun 🙂

Get in touch

I’ve already written a few blogs…

You can find them on the homepage or on the links below

If you’ve got any ideas for things I should be writing about on here then drop me a message and I’ll see what I can do.

Jen xx

New Blog - They Stay at Home

By Jenny Lowthrop

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