Hey I’m Jen and I live with my boyfriend Olly in the beautiful town of Matlock, on the edge of the Peak District in Derbyshire.

I bought this domain name almost a year ago with the intention of turning it into a home renovation blog after we bought our new house, however renovation took over, along with other work and it stayed as yet another domain I had bought and done nothing with. Does anyone else have a domain buying addiction?

Anyway, now seemed as good a time as any to start a blog all about staying at home, seen as the whole damn world is staying at home right now! Alongside some house renovation tips, before and afters and reno dreams, I will also be sharing lots of tips on remote working and working from home (I’ve largely been working from home for 6+ years), lots of book reviews because I am a book addict(!) and then all the tips for staying sane and having fun at home.

I am on the look out for guest posts so if anyone fancies writing an article for this blog do let me know.Anyway a bit about me…

Jen Lowthrop- They stay at home

A bit about me

I am freelance Digital Consultant and Happiness Trainer, delivering workshops, consultancy and support to businesses, public sector organisations and charities. I’ve worked for myself since October 2014 when I started my Ltd company, originally focusing on digital marketing and content. I still do bits of digital marketing, but also deliver consultancy on Agile working and Scrum alongside my work in Happiness and Wellbeing! Though I am used to delivering a lot of my sessions in person, things are changing and I have already started delivering a lot more things online.

My wellbeing and happiness business is called ‘Feel Good Do Good’ and I am currently pulling together a new website for that. In the mean time you can sign up to my monthly newsletter via the current one page Feel Good Do Good website.

I also write a travel blog called She Gets Around, which is semi paused right now as no-one is travelling! This new blog is kind of the antithesis of that because I am certainly not getting around the world anymore, quite the opposite!

The ‘they’ is me and Olly, though Olly likes to keep himself to himself so we will see how much he features on here. Hopefully one day soon ‘they’ will include a dog too because I am DESPERATE to get a dog!!

10 Things I love…

  1. Dogs
  2. Reading
  3. Chocolate Fondant
  4. The Peak District
  5. Family and friends (obviously)
  6. Puppies
  7. Baked beans on toast
  8. Doggos
  9. My plants
  10. Gin

Jen and Olly in Matlock
Jen and Olly in Matlock

10 Things I hate…

  1. Cheese
  2. Pizza with cheese on
  3. Cheesy pasta
  4. Cheese fondu
  5. Blue cheese
  6. Soft cheese
  7. Cheddar
  8. Cheese sandwiches
  9. Cheese Burgers
  10. Coronavirus!

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