• The Top 3 ways to ease Stress in 2020!

    Today’s blog is a guest post from Colin Carter with his top 3 ways to ease stress in 2020. We’re almost at the end of the year, and what a stressful one it’s been! Christmas is often seen as a stressful time of year any year… but this year might seem more stressful than ever. […]

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    December 7, 2020 By jlowthrop
  • 300 year old peat! Peak District Moorland

    Why Peat is our Climate Change Superhero – Peak District Moors

    The Peak District Moorland and all its peat might just be our climate change superhero, here to save the day. I didn’t know I could get so excited about soil, but here we are it’s 2020 and soil… or peat to be more specific is VERY COOL! Today sees the launch of The Big Give, […]

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    December 1, 2020 By jlowthrop
  • 5 Best dog walks in Derbyshire - Stanton Moor

    5 Best Dog Walks in Derbyshire

    If you’re looking for some of the best dog walks in Derbyshire, here they are. Though we only recently got a dog of our own, we have been walking other people’s dogs in these spots for a while. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Derbyshire is filled […]

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    July 13, 2020 By jlowthrop
  • My Top Two, Super Easy Productivity Hacks

    My Top Two, Super Easy Productivity Hacks

    Ready for my top two, never fail, super easy productivity hacks to get your working mojo back? Yes? OK, let’s begin! Firstly how are you right now? How are your productivity levels? If you’re the same as anyone I have spoken to recently you are likely up and down weekly, daily, even hourly! ‘Be more […]

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    July 6, 2020 By jlowthrop
  • Pantect Helping from Home

    Helping From Home – Pantect Donating Masks to Those in Need

    This week’s Helping from Home interview is with Pantect. A new charity set up by Philip Han from The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey, USA. This interview was particularly important to me as I went to The Lawrenceville School myself, many moons ago on a scholarship with the English Speaking Union. It is the most […]

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    June 8, 2020 By jlowthrop
  • Best banana muffins with white chocolate and Nutella

    Best Banana Muffins Ever with White Chocolate and Nutella

    If you’re looking to use up those old bananas I can honestly say this is the best banana muffin recipe. Seriously. Best banana muffins EVER! Banana bread is soo the start of lockdown, things have improved since then and got even better! Banana, White Chocolate and Nutella Muffins are the new banana bread! After the […]

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    June 1, 2020 By jlowthrop
  • Things we can learn from nature

    5 Things we can Learn from Nature

    Over the last few weeks of lockdown I don’t think there is anyone that hasn’t felt closer to nature during this time. Whether you live in the middle of a city jungle or out in a small village everyone seems to be appreciating those daily walks and time outdoors more than ever before. This time […]

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    May 26, 2020 By jlowthrop
  • Photos of Matlock in Lockdown - photo by Ashley Bird, thanks and rainbows

    Photos to Remember Matlock in Lockdown

    I thought I would share some photos of Matlock in Lockdown to remember this strange time. As we appear to be moving into a new phase of lockdown, I am continuing to live life much the same as I have been for the last few weeks. I have noticed the roads in Matlock getting busier […]

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    May 18, 2020 By jlowthrop
  • Creating a reading nook without bookshelves

    Book List: Be Transported to Another Time

    Today’s guest blogger shares a book list to transport you to another time. From the swinging 60s, to the WW2 era all the way back to the 18th century. Our guest blogger Julie DenOuden writes the blog Girl on the Move and is an avid reader with a number of book lists on her website. […]

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    May 11, 2020 By jlowthrop
  • 101 Fun Things to Keep the Kids Entertained at Home

    101 Fun Things to Keep the Kids Entertained at Home

    Today’s guest blog is from the wonderful Carla Dee, sharing her 101 fun things to keep the kids entertained at home. I met Carla at the end of last year at Derby’s Happy Cafe where I gave a ‘Feel Good Do Good‘ talk. Carla is one of life’s smiley happy people and lives her pink […]

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    May 7, 2020 By jlowthrop