• My Top Two, Super Easy Productivity Hacks

    My Top Two, Super Easy Productivity Hacks

    Ready for my top two, never fail, super easy productivity hacks to get your working mojo back? Yes? OK, let’s begin! Firstly how are you right now? How are your productivity levels? If you’re the same as anyone I have spoken to recently you are likely up and down weekly, daily, even hourly! ‘Be more […]

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    July 6, 2020 By jlowthrop
  • Benefits of Agile working in the age of coronavirus

    Benefits of Agile working in the age of Coronavirus

    Before Coronavirus hit I’d been thinking a lot about the benefits of Agile working for all. I strongly believe it’s not just for software development and can be used in any complex project. There are elements of Agile that can benefit us all. Agile is a mindset. It can help make us more productive, more […]

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    May 10, 2020 By jlowthrop
  • my slower daily routine during lockdown

    My Slower Daily Routine during Lockdown – I want to keep!

    A month into the lockdown and I think I have mastered my slower daily routine. Like many of us I feel I have been through all the emotions of an average year in the space of a few weeks. It started with the tears. I cried throughout most of the first week and beyond, unable […]

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    April 28, 2020 By jlowthrop
  • Uplifting Positive Playlists on Spotify to Improve Your Mood

    Uplifting Positive Playlists on Spotify to Improve Your Mood

    I don’t know about you, but it’s positive playlists on Spotify are keeping me going right now! We can find music to go with every mood, tunes for when we’re sad, music for when we’re angry and music for when we are partying the night away. Even if we might just be partying the night […]

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    April 20, 2020 By jlowthrop
  • How to create a workspace in a tiny home

    How to Create a Home Workspace in a Tiny Home

    Our first guest post from my fab friend Lou Obi-Drake telling you all about how to create a home workspace in a tiny home! Read on to see how Lou and her husband CJ have created a space at home that works for them during this weird time of lockdown at home. Whatever space you […]

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    April 9, 2020 By jlowthrop
  • tips for staying productive when working from home

    Tips for Staying Productive when Working from Home.

    It’s the end of week one of full on lockdown in the UK, where half the country (or more) are now working from their sofa, dining table or home office. Staying productive when working from home is easier for some, with less distractions from colleagues and time to focus on the really important stuff without […]

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    March 28, 2020 By jlowthrop